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Customers at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon ( Worple road) stores help to donate 603 Kilos of food

An innovative food donation drive at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon saw customers donate enough food to provide 603 kilos of food to people suffering from food poverty. Sainsbury’s and Wimbledon Foodbank teamed up to hold the first ever food donation drive at the store, situated in Worple road.  The collection, known as the ‘Help feed local people in crisis’, took place on Saturday 26th May 2012. The aim of the initiative was to collect enough food to provide a minimum of three days non-perishable emergency food to people in crisis. Thanks to the generosity of customers at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon, a massive 603 kilos of food were donated locally. Food is given to people in crisis identified by front line care professionals – Health Visitors, Doctors, Social Workers, Church and Community Workers.For Sainsbury's, corporate responsibility means many things. It is about providing our customers with the widest choice of quality food, at fair prices. But also about paying our suppliers a fair price and providing the reassurance of knowing that they have a buyer for their products on reasonable terms. It means enriching our communities through employment and career development opportunities, while growing our business profitably for our shareholders. And it means making the most effective use of our valuable resources like water and electricity, and respecting the local environment.In 2010-11 Foodbanks fed 5,857 people and in 2011-12 the figure is 14,642.Food is also given to underpin the work of care centres for the Homeless and Women’s Refuges, and charities who feed people sleeping on the streets.The foodbank is an initiative of The Trussell Trust, a Christian based organisation, committed to launching life changing, community-based projects. The Trussell Trust partners with local churches and communities to launch foodbanks in their towns. Foodbanks signpost clients to other agencies able to help resolve the underlying cause of the crisis. A client struggling with debt would be referred to CAB or Christians against Poverty who specialise in resolving debt problems.

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