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Thumbs down to Timpson in Wimbledon !

Thumbs down to TIMPSON of Wimbledon !  Do not bother spending money on a lifetime battery guarantee in here.  I did, on 23.10.2009 at 13.12 hrs for a watch I treasure, I paid the extra and was promised I would never have to pay for another watch battery at that shop.  I was given a printed receipt stating, “Lifetime battery”.   Made tatty and fragile over the years, I have nonetheless retained my receipt.  Yesterday was the first day I needed to avail myself of my “lifetime battery”.  The young lad in the shop told me that I should have been given a card, the receipt I had been supplied with wasn’t enough.  I explained that was all I was given.  He told me twice that I couldn’t have purchased the original battery at that shop.  He was reassured by myself and my partner who was with me on the day of purchase, that I had.  He insisted that I had not, and told me that the till receipts they issued looked different than that I was showing him.  I told him yes, perhaps they’d changed them over the years.  He waved his badge at me and told me he’d been there since 2006 and it was not from them (which it was), and that I would have to pay another £17+ for another “lifetime battery”.  After many years of being loyal to that particular Timpson, neither of us will ever enter it again.  I do not wish to have it implied by a youngster that I am lying about where I purchased a battery, nor do I wish to hand that same shop yet more money for the same service that I had purchased and which had been guaranteed years earlier. So, thumbs down Timpson.  Customer care today, dreadful, it's put us off for good !  Be warned, all.

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