Too Immobile Or Too Busy To Get To A Physiotherapist?

Then why not get a physiotherapist to come to you?

Those troublesome aches and pains might require the expert attention of a physiotherapist but sometimes life’s just too busy to spare the time to travel to and from appointments. Sometimes it is, quite simply, impossible to leave your home.

During her 15 years as a practising physiotherapist in London, Phoebe Machin says she became increasingly aware of the fact that patients are often too time poor or housebound to attend clinics - so she decided to make her services accessible to everyone by launching a mobile physiotherapy service, Physit.

“For many people, it’s a godsend to be able to rely on a fully mobile physiotherapy service that provides treatment at a location and time that suits them – whether that’s in the office, the home or on a sports field. The quicker you get treatment, the quicker your recovery time will be. We live in a busy, congested city and it just makes sense to be able to offer a responsive, flexible service of the highest standards.”

You may have seen Physit’s smart looking Smart cars on the streets of South West London, a great mobile advertisement and the ideal, easy-to-park mode of transport for Phoebe’s physiotherapy paraphernalia. Physit also has a great website, enabling patients to contact and book at any time of the day or night, seven days a week, and featuring a blog and testimonials.

Phoebe is a warm, friendly Australian who came to the UK in 1997 - and stayed. She studied Health Science (Sport & Exercise) at the University of New England and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from the University of Sydney. She is a fully accredited and HCPC (Health and Care Professional Council) registered physiotherapist and a qualified acupuncturist, too; something that she says is a positive adjunct to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

“I believe in a holistic approach to the way I treat my patients. By listening to their needs, I can assess and tailor a rehabilitation programme to facilitate them back to pre-injury health. This approach ensures that they feel informed and supported throughout their treatment and provides them with a positive physiotherapy experience.”

Having worked in the Harley Street area and then SW London for many years, Phoebe has strong links with GPs and consultants. Her special interests are treatment of back, neck and sports injuries, and she also works with postural evaluation, repetitive strain & occupational injuries, chronic conditions such as arthritis and post-surgery rehabilitation.

“We use a variety of techniques to optimize healing for your injury. These include “hands-on” treatment such as massage, joint mobilization and manipulation. There may also be a need for electrotherapy agents such as ultrasound and interferential.”

Dylan Woodhead, physiotherapist, joined Physit in April 2014 and has extensive experience in a number of specialities including musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, orthopaedics, amputees, pain management, community and falls. Dylan is also a keen athlete and has considerable sports experience as a physiotherapist.

Phoebe is a great believer in the idiom, “prevention is better than cure”, which is why Physit offers a pre-season injury screening service. “When you are beginning a new season of sport, whether it’s skiing, rugby or tennis, it is wise to have a pre-season injury screening session to troubleshoot any problems before they arise. It can ultimately save you money!”

“Word of mouth is critical, says Phoebe. “as is the ability to build a good rapport with patients so that they feel comfortable and confident with you and your recommendations. Different people respond to treatment in different ways so the first step is to define the injury and the best treatment choices. If a patient’s injury does not respond to physiotherapy, I will refer them onwards say, for example, to a chiropractor.”

“At the end of the day, I want the best outcome for my patients, and that is a question of knowing them, knowing physiotherapy and knowing its limitations. I am delighted to have patients aged from 8 to 98 and to be able to make life more comfortable for them all.”

If you have a SW London postcode, Physit is offering 10% off your first session.
Please call 07714 244 438 or visit to book.

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October 30, 2014