10 Candidates Standing for Wimbledon and Putney Commons Election

Eligible residents encouraged to vote after 2015 election turnout was less than 20%

Residents in the blue shaded area are eligible to vote

Ten electors have put their names forward and have been accepted as Candidates to stand as Conservators for the five elected places to be filled. They are:
1. Andrew Bignold
2. Timothy Bowen
3. Jonathan Callaway
4. John Cameron (current Conservator)
5. Shirley Gillbe (current Conservator)
6. David Hince
7. Peter Hirsch
8. Sarah-Jane Holden
9. Diane Neil Mills
10. Brian Rutherford

The election process is managed by Electoral Reform Services and as in 2015, electors have an opportunity to vote on-line as well as by postal ballot.

Voting on-line will save the Charity postage that can be spent on the Commons and its management. For example, for every 100 people that vote electronically the money saved will be enough to feed one of our working horses for one week.

Ballot papers will be posted to the circa 66,000 voters on the 1st February 2018 by the Electoral Reform Services. The Closing time for the election is 5.00pm on the 28th February 2018.

Mr Michael Rappolt, the Ministry of Defence Appointed Conservator who is Returning Officer for election stated:
“Turn out at the 2015 election was disappointing and with your help we are determined to improve it this year. If like me you are passionate about preserving and enhancing the Commons for current and future generations then please don’t waste your vote. We need a strong Board of Trustees elected by you to support our Vision and Values and implement the Commons Strategy.”

January 10, 2018