Stephen Hammond Retained as Wimbledon's MP

Tory candidate holds on to constituency with increased majority

The constituency of Wimbledon has been won for the Conservatives by Stephen Hammond (pictured right) who won  49.1% of the vote, he increased his party's share of the vote by 7.7%. His majority at the last election was 2,301 but it is now over 11,000.

In 1997 the Conservatives lost the constituency to Labour for the first time in nearly 50 years. Labour retained the seat in 2001 but the Conservatives won it back in 2005 when Stephen Hammond became MP.

The "Clegg Factor" gave the increased share to the Liberal Democrats but the Greens had a disappointing return with their share of the vote falling to 1.2%.

The turnout of 73.0% up by 5% seems to indicate that the trend of declining voter participation seems to have been arrested.

May 7, 2010