Civic Centre Peregrine Falcons Are Set To Fledge Their Nest

Look out for vulnerable chicks - they might need your help

Look out for peregrine falcon chicks if you’re passing the Civic Centre in Morden as they are set to fly from their nest on top of the 14-storey office block.

Four chicks are about to fledge from their nest and they may need your help. When they are first learning to fly and land, their inexperience can cause them to become stranded on the ground or become trapped in odd places, land on neighbouring buildings, or be perched on window ledges.

If a chick is grounded it will be unable to fly, making it extremely vulnerable and likely to die if not rescued.

If you find a grounded peregrine chick, please contact the London Peregrine Partnership on 07807 738699 or the Merton Wildlife Police Officer on 0208 721 2455.

They will safely and with minimal stress to the bird arrange for it to be collected in a secure box and returned to the roof of the civic centre. At this stage of their lives, it is vital the chicks stay with their parents to learn the skills necessary to fend for themselves in the wild; this is something they cannot achieve in captivity.

Please do not take photos close to the birds and flash photography is strictly prohibited.

For more info email the London Peregrine Partnership: or visit the London Peregrine Partnership’s website.

June 1, 2018