Police Issue Warnings About Criminal Activity

Alerts in Colliers Wood and Wimbledon Village

Police are warning about a possible female 'scammer' who has been seen on more than one occasion in the Colliers Wood area.

She is a black female approximate age mid-30s, she is tall, well dressed and of proportional build. She was last seen wearing a smart black trouser suit, a green head scarf and carrying a black handbag.

She approaches people crying and trying to give the impression of being distressed. She claims she is running and seeking refuge from an abusive husband and needs money to see her through.

It is believed that this is false and she is using this cover to take money under false pretenses.
If you are approached by such a woman do not give her money, but call police on 101. If she is genuine then police may be able to find her appropriate help.

And in Wimbledon Village there has been an increase in burglaries across the area. Police are reminding residents to be constantly vigilant. If you see anything or anyone suspicious please call 101 or 999 and give as much information as possible.

Please note the location and a detailed description of any persons. Please remember to note a registration if any suspicious activity is seen involving any vehicles.

The Wimbledon Village Safer Neighbourhood Team and plain clothed officers are patrolling in the area.

December 15, 2015