William Morris House Set To Re-Open After Refurbishment

Tessa Jowell to perform opening ceremony

Former Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell MP will re-open the refurbished William Morris House in Wimbledon on November 20.

The re-furbishment cost £150,000 and was aimed at achieving access for disabled people to the meeting rooms in central Wimbledon by installing a lift. The lift also allows access to the kitchen and a new toilet.

In addition to these access arrangements, the project has allowed the display of some of the treasures owned by the house.

This includes two Burne-Jones designed windows that were given to the house in 1931 by a local suffragette to whom the windows had been given to by Morris himself when working at his works in Merton Abbey Mills. These windows are now on display in the William Morris Room on the ground floor of the house.

Copies of these windows and other treasures can be found on the William Morris House website, and one is pictured on the right.

Mayor of Merton Councillor Agatha Akyigyina will also preside at the opening ceremony at William Morris House on The Broadway in Wimbledon town centre.

Councillor Peter Walker, Chair of William Morris House, said: "I am delighted that Tessa Jowell has found time to come and open this re-furbished project. The works were primarily aimed at providing access to the house for many local people who are inhibited by mobility constraints.

"In light of the massive step forward that the London Olympics was for people with disabilities, it is appropriate for Tessa to be our guest on this special occasion.

"The project cost us £150,000 and we believe it worthwhile. It demonstrates that the William Morris House is an inclusive centre in which many local organisations meet."

November 7, 2014