Wimbledon Students Celebrate Their A Level Successes

Most of our local schools have better results than last year

Students across Wimbledon were jumping for joy with most of area's council-maintained schools with many exceeding the national average for A leve results this year.

A total of 86% of A Level students in the borough achieved at least three A Level passes – above the national average in 2015 of 78.7%, and more than the 71.2% Merton achieved last year.

Every single student in the borough’s schools who took A Level exams achieved at least one pass, topping the 2015 national average of 99.6%.

Overall, 83.4% Merton’s pupils achieved an A* to C grade, which again topped the national average of 77.6%.

The detailed results of our local schools are below:

Raynes Park High School saw 77.7% of its pupils achieve A* to C grades (an improvement on 2015, which was 76.0%) and in line with the national average for this year, 77.6%.

Ricards Lodge High School had 89.8% of pupils achieve an A* to C grade, which is a significant improvement on its own results of 78.7% from 2015.

Rutlish High School: 85.5% of pupils achieved A* to C grades this year, above the national average of 77.6% and slightly below the 86.7% of its own results last year.

Ursuline High School:  91% of pupils achieved A* to C grades. This was an improvement on 2015, which was 84.2%, and above the national average.

Wimbledon College: 70.8% of pupils achieved A* to C grades, which is less than last year’s 73.2%, and below the national average of 77.6%.

Cabinet member for education, Councillor Caroline Cooper-Marbiah said: “Congratulations to all the students for their excellent A-level results. It is fantastic to see so many going through our school system. I wish them all the best for the future in their chosen careers. I am very proud of the excellent schools we have in Merton”

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August 19, 2016

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