Donate Your Bra To Aid Brazilian Charity

Wimbledon bar asks for local lingerie

The nation may be focussing on the World Cup, but at Po Na Na in Wimbledon, it is the local ladies' A, B and C cups they're most interested in.

Located on The Broadway, Po Na Na is asking women to donate their old bras to help kids living in one of Rio de Janeiro (host city of the 2014 World Cup)'s poorest favelas.

What's more, Po Na Na will accept lingerie in any condition, meaning underwear that might otherwise have gone to landfill can now help to change young people’s lives.

The collected bras will be recycled raising £1 per kilo and donations will be accepted until July 14.

Cash raised goes to 'Little Learners' an education project run by charity, the Flamingo Foundation.

The scheme provides teachers to help children living in Parada de Lucas – one of Rio's poorest favelas (or slums). The impoverished community in which Little Learners is based is under the control of heavily armed teen gang members, and young people here are at constant risk of becoming involved in the armed drugs trade.

Neuza Nascimento, runs Little Learners and says: "Parada de Lucas is an impoverished community and, because of the dominant armed drugs trade, our children often lose their innocence so young. Little Learners gives youngsters the opportunity to get an education, which we believe is the best route out of poverty and away from the gangs."

Grace Leedham, Marketing Co-ordinator for Po Na Na, said: "Most women will have bras that they no longer wear lurking in the back of their underwear drawer, and this campaign is a great way to put them to good use.

"Simply by donating their old bras, women in Wimbledon can help support young people in Brazil to have access to education and lift themselves, and their families out of poverty.  It's a good excuse for all those 'World Cup widows' out there to treat themselves to some new lingerie while the football is on too!"

June 15, 2014

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Grace Leedham of Po Na Na