Rachel Nickell's Son Breaks Silence On Her Murder

Alex Hanscombe was nearly three when he witnessed the brutal death

The son of Rachel Nickell, who was murdered on Wimbledon Common, has told how he watched his mother die at the hands of Robert Napper.

Ms Nickell, aged 23, was sexually assaulted and stabbed 49 times on the Common in 1992 in front of her then two-year-old son Alex Hanscombe.

Now Alex has broken his silence about what he remembers about her death by speaking on ITV's Good Morning programme.

Alex, who is now aged 27, told how the killer emerged from a bush before launching his attack. He remembered being thrown to the ground before his mother was attacked.

He told the programme: "Everything happened in a matter of seconds. My mother collapsed next to me.

"The interesting thing is even though there's this intensity of the moment, there was also a strong sense of peacefulness, of serenity at the same time. The whole experience of watching someone leave the human form - there's a sense of peacefulness as well in that."

  • Colin Stagg, from Roehampton, was later wrongly charged with the crime, leaving murderer Robert Napper free to kill again before DNA technology caught up with him in 2007.

May 18, 2017