Donation Boost For Wimbledon School Laptop Campaign

Local Labour party helps with essential home schooling equipment

Laptops from Wimbledon Labour

An appeal for laptops from the AFC Wimbledon Foundation has received a welcome £5,000 boost from Wimbledon Labour Party so local children who are “technologically poor” can access the laptops they need.


During the current pandemic there is a real divide between families that are technologically poor and those that have adequate equipment, knowledge and skills to home school their children.


Wimbledon Labour Party campaigners say children from poor households who would most benefit from skilled on-line teaching are most likely to be excluded because they do not have computers at home. The damage to their long term prospects could be profound.


Following a discussion about what Wimbledon Labour could do practically to help, they agreed to donate £5,000 to buy laptop computers for local schools. 


The money has been given to the AFC Wimbledon Foundation which is providing Chrome notebooks and recycled lap-tops to children in local schools through the Dons Local Action Group.


Wimbledon Labour Party says it will work with the Dons Foundation to ensure that the appliances go to the most needy children who are based in schools in the Wimbledon constituency. They up to 20 children will benefit from the donation.


More information on the work that the Dons Foundation is doing see

Laptops for Wimbledon schools

A donation to Wimbledon Chase primary earlier on in the Dons' laptop campaign

February 22, 2021