Wimbledon Park Charity Walk By Local Muslim Children

Event aimed to raise funds to build two schools in Africa

The largest Muslim children’s organisation in Britain, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Children’s Association (AMCA), held a recent 'Mercy for Mankind' Charity Challenge events for children.

Over 60 children from Wimbledon, Putney and Southfields up to the age of 15 gathered in Wimbledon Park to practice the Islamic teachings of serving humanity by walking to raise funds to build two schools in Africa.

They hoped to dispel myths surrounding Islam by promoting its true peaceful values and by raising funds for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s charity, Humanity First which provides free education around Africa, regardless of faith or background.

Atiq Yousaf, the under-15s youth leader for South West London, said: "We try to instil values of charity, gratefulness and care for others into the children from a very young age. The children here in the UK took time out of their holidays to raise funds for children in Africa.

"The charity challenge is named ‘Mercy for Mankind’ as that is the title that was given to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) who taught that it is necessary for every person, male and female to get an education, so these children are looking to help those who do not have the opportunities they have. The children very much enjoyed getting together and making a difference to hundreds of children’s lives in deprived areas of Africa." 


April 20, 2018