Wimbledon Sugar Artist Creates BFG Sugar Sculpture

Jacqui's creation is star attraction at Cake and Bake show

Wimbledon sugar artist Jacqui Kelly was called on to create a huge sugar sculpture of the BFG to celebrate the opening of the London Cake and Bake Show earlier this month. 

Jacqui, whose sugar studio specialising in edible art is based in Wimbledon, and the BFG will also be appearing at the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester in November. 

Here are some facts about the BFG sugar sculpture:

  •  The BFG head is 1.5m high x 1m wide - (nearly 5ft high by over 3ft wide).
  • Jacqui used 11 different colours to create the perfect BFG skin tone.
  • Jacqui used34Kg of Sugar Paste, 12kg of marzipan, 4 kg of chocolate and 3kg of Rice Krispy treats and over 2kg of marshmallows to create the sculpture (that’s enough marshmallows to fill a large green wheelie bin!).
  • Jacqui Kelly is the founder of Totally Sugar, a Sugar Studio specialising in bespoke edible art based in Wimbledon.
  • Jacqui is the current holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest Cake - a whopping 10x x 12m.

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October 13, 2016

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Jacqui Kelly with her BFG sugar sculpture