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The residents of Raynesfield have fought a successful campaign and should be very proud that they have forced MOPAC to change its strategy.You quote Mr Greenhalgh as saying, "I was not happy about how they (the residents) had been treated and I was not prepared to see key workers (...) forced to move out of their homes".  But it was his policy to sell off these residential properties so he, and MOPAC, are therefore responsible for how the residents have been treated. Also, the picture of Deputy Mayor Stephen Greenhalgh with Conservative Councillors Lewis-Lavender, which accompanies the article, smacks of blatant political opportunism. Cllr Gilli Lewis-Lavender spoke of the necessity of selling off Raynesfield at the Council Meeting on the 19th November. I am glad that the motion, calling on Boris Johnson and MOPAC to halt the evictions, was carried, although not one Conservative councillor supported it. So why is she in this picture? And what help has MP Stephen Hammond given? I have not found one tenant who says they were helped by him.There are still several issues that MOPAC needs to clarify:Firstly, MOPAC must allow those who were forced to move out of their flats to return to their homes. Secondly, the tenants need to be given long term security, with assured tenancies.Finally, MOPAC needs to compensate residents for van hire, storage costs, utility reconnection fees and so on.  On the day before evictions were due to begin, some residents took their furniture to the tip or to charity shops; some now lack the basics, like beds and fridges.  Lib Dem Assembly members, Caroline Pidgeon and Stephen Knight, will continue to put pressure on the Mayor of London and MOPAC until these points have been answered.  Raynesfield residents know that I will carry on supporting them as I have done in over the last few stressful months.

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Women's beginner running groups on Wimbledon Common

I'm starting up women's beginner running groups on Wimbledon Common, commencing in late June. If you've ever wanted to start running but weren't sure where to start, my groups offer a relaxed, supportive environment for beginner runners in the local area.We’ll build up slowly, with lots of run-walking initially, on the flat, scenic trails of the common, and by the end of the ten week course you’ll be able to run 5k without stopping.Whether you want to improve your general fitness, or have your sights set on running a 5k, a 10k (or maybe even a marathon one day), my groups will help you get a step closer to your goal. I’ll also be offering 5-10k groups further down the line and one-on-one coached outdoor fitness sessions, offering something a bit different to working out in a gym environment.We’ll meet at the Windmill car park on Wimbledon Common, which can be reached easily by car, on foot or by local public transport routes, and we’ll run on the beautiful trails in the surrounding area. Groups will be led by me, Cat. I’m a UK Athletics qualified run leader and a personal trainer, so can offer advice about wider issues relating to running, such as hydration and nutrition, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.I’ll initially be holding two sessions solely for women; one on a Monday morning and one in the evening. To register an interest for these, or to find out a bit more information, please drop me an email to, stating your name and whether you’d be interested in attending the morning or evening session.When: Monday morning or evening, starting in late JuneWhere: Wimbledon Common Windmill car parkPrice: £50 for 10 weeks (one session per week)Many thanks

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Il Mascalzone restaurant - dreadful experience

Il Malcazone – over the road from the cinema, Putney High Street.  We’ve been here many a time over the years, avoiding the back with the TV screen and the very rowdy times, and had pleasant enough (and far too large) meals.  Things have been going downhill over the last couple of years, pasta getting drier, inedible, old meatballs which the staff just shrugged their shoulders about when I complained, service getting slower, but we’ve stuck with it because we only visit occasionally.  Should have read the most recent Google comments about the staff and especially the manager before we went yesterday for lunch – they are not flattering.  We asked for chips as a starter to munch between us, and stressed NO salt. Carbonara and Hawaiian pizza ordered. Asked for extra sauce on carbonara as last one had been very, very dry. Chips arrived same time as mains, covered in salt which brought on a huge coughing fit had to call the waiter.  Told him we’d ordered no salt, he straightaway picked up a cellar and tried to pour more on, another waiter had to intervene and take them away. Hawaiian good, pizzas generally are. I had the carbonara, a huge mound of almost dry spaghetti, even the fork wouldn't lie down in it.  I couldn’t get down more than a small amount, too dry to swallow.  Too disappointed and annoyed to complain on this occasion, just left it, and it sat on the table for 20 minutes while other half continued his pizza. When he’d left the table to go to the bathroom, the manager approached and asked, "What's the problem with the carbonara?" in a pretty aggressive tone.  I explained it was dry despite my request for more sauce, and inedible. He didn't speak, just removed it. Two minutes later an embarrassed waiter brought the cold, congealed mess back to us in a takeaway box, saying the manager had told him to. We couldn’t believe it.  Other half refused to pay, and demanded it be removed from the bill.  We paid for the rest and were walking out when I noticed the manager.  I politely challenged him about the takeaway but suddenly, after speaking perfect English for decades, he couldn't speak more than odd words.  He said the takeaway was Steven’s dinner (pizza, which he’d consumed).  Then he said we’d asked for it (of course we hadn’t).  Then he said he’d thrown my old dinner in the bin.  Then he said yes, it was the mess I’d sent back, returned to me to take home.  We both told him he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for his disrespect  towards paying customers. We will never, ever go back there again.  I’ve added my disgust to the Google comments about that restaurant (can’t confirm how filthy the kitchens are, as others have commented on, I haven’t seen those), but this contempt on his part was completely unforgiveable.

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HIgh Court Appearance for Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators

High Court agrees to grant Judicial ReviewThe Friends of Putney Common (FofPC) learnt on Friday (12th July 2013) that its application for a Judicial Review challenging the legality of "easement agreements", allowing the building of a private road on Putney Common, has been granted by the High Court. The agreements were signed in secret by the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators (WPCC) and Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC) in February 2012.  John Howell QC, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge, said that the WPCC's assertions that it is legally entitled to provide easements over Putney Common are “arguable”.  A date for the Judicial Review has not yet been fixed.The proposed private road would be for the sole use of luxury flats and a two-form entry primary academy for 420 pupils to be built on the site of the former Putney Hospital, which is entirely surrounded by common land.  The planning application for the development attracted a substantial number of objections from local Putney residents, including over 500 specific complaints about building roads on the Common. The planning application was by Wandsworth Council’s Children’s Services Department to Wandsworth Council acting as Planning Authority, and was granted in October 2012 but subsequently quashed by a High Court order in March 2013. Today, the site has no planning applications pending or valid consents.  The decision by the High Court to allow the case to proceed to a Judicial Review is a major step forward for FofPC who have long argued that the WPCC is acting outside its powers laid down in the 1871 Wimbledon and Putney Commons Act. This Act of Parliament was specifically set up to create and protect the Common and stop encroachment on to it. In submissions to the court, the WPCC (and WBC, as an "interested party") argued that it had the authority to make such easement agreements. The parties also said that the Judicial Review application should be refused because it was “out of time” and “devoid of merit”.Despite these submissions, the High Court have granted the FofPC a Judicial Review including a Protective Costs Order and recognized the claim under the Aarhus Convention.  FofPC spokesman Nicholas Evans, in whose name the Judicial Review application was made, said today:"We are delighted that the High Court has granted a Judicial Review. It is a step forward in our campaign to protect Putney Common from what we believe is unlawful encroachment by the Council. We have an excellent and very experienced legal team and we are looking forward to arguing our case in more detail before the Judge. After 18 months of acrimonious debate with the WPCC and WBC we welcome this opportunity to establish once and for all whether the Conservators can effectively sell rights to parts of the Common and allow the council to build private roads on it.  We are grateful to the many local residents who have supported and helped us to reach this stage.” Notes for Editors1) Friends of Putney Common is a local community group formed by Putney residents to protect Putney Common and the site of Putney Hospital from inappropriate development.2) A planning application was made by Wandsworth Borough Council in February 2012 to build a 2FE Primary Academy School with a restricted roof-top playground and 24 luxury flats on the site of Putney Hospital. The hospital had been closed since 1998. The Council bought the site from the Wandsworth Primary Care Trust for £4.4m. The first application by the Council was declared invalid in May 2012. A further application was submitted in July 2012, which the Planning Application Committee granted permission in October 2012, despite receiving over 800 objections. This permission was quashed in the High Court in March 2013 following a legal challenge by FofPC, as it was unlawful.  (See previous FofPC press releases).3) The Planning Application Number reference is 2012/0758. There is no current planning application or permission relating to the site.  4) FofPC has challenged the need for a new school at the Putney Hospital site following analysis of the background data to school projections. See Press Release ref FofPC PR 10-7-13.5) All legal exchanges between the parties have been posted on the Friends of Putney Common website, as has the notification by John Howell QC, (sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge) granting FofPC permission for the Judicial Review.

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What are the Conservators playing at?

Many of the 45,000 households who pay the WPCC levy for the upkeep and conservation of the Commons live in Wimbledon. Quite a few of them do not - they are nearer to Putney Common or are in Putney Parish.But I'm sure we can all agree wherever we live that the body of Trustees set up originally by an Act of Parliament in 1871 have done a pretty good job of looking after this important open space. So why have I, and a local community group called 'Friends of Putney Common' ( resorted to applying to the High Court for a judicial review of the Conservators recent actions to sell rights to Wandsworth Borough Council allowing them to build roads and paths on Putney Common? Because we believe this is in direct contravention to the 1871 Act and is clearly unlawful.Some key questions which might prompt you to look further into this unfortunate situation are given below. Full details can be seen on the website I mentioned above.1) The Conservators knew when they signed an agreement in July 2010 to build roads on Putney Common to facilitate a new health clinic on the old Putney Hospital site, that the plans for the clinic had already been cancelled by the WPHT board in September 2009. Why did they go ahead anyway? Were they in cahoots with the Council?2) They may claim that they would be "reclaiming" land from the Hospital for the Common. But this was land already designated in the 1871 Act as Common. They didn't need to take this action to reclaim it. Was it just the £250,000 "access fee" that tempted them?3) When the Council announced that it would buy the site and build flats and a huge primary school for 420 pupils, did they ask local residents for their views? They did not. They went ahead and signed another agreement, this time with an "access fee" of £350,000. All done in secret.4) When they were sent two legal opinions by Barristers briefed by Friends of Putney Common showing that their actions were "ultra vires" (beyond their statutory powers) why did they still push ahead?5) Why are they fighting to hold on to their promised money and not protecting our common?6) Why does this also matter to residents of Wimbledon who do not live near Putney Common? Because the Conservators claim that they can grant "easements" to build roads not necessary to protect the common, to facilitate development. In clear contravention of the 1871 Act. Next time they act in this high-handed and secret manner, it may well be a chunk of Wimbledon Common in their sights, and not just Putney Common.NickWebsite: www.friendsofputneycommon.orgTwitter @FofPCEmail:

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24hour Spinning® Marathon charity event - Fulham

Hello, Starfish Greathearts Foundation are hosting a 24hour Spinning® Marathon fundraiser event on the 8th-9th of March 2013, from 6pm-6pm! This event consists of teams of up to 10 members cycling around the clock in a relaxed and friendly environment, kindly provided for by Pedal Studios on Fulham high-street. Snacks and drinks are provided! So, how does it work?- Hour long classes will run back to back throughout the 24hour event.- In your team you will need to work out how long each person will Spin® for (as the classes are an hour each, participants will need to do at least one hour).- All teams will be asked to submit a schedule prior to the event.- There will be a chill out zone so you are welcome to stay and cheer on your team members when you're not Spinning®, or just come along for your slot.- Your instructor will guide you on a virtual tour (over mountains, down hill etc), however throughout the session you will have control of the resistance on your bike.- The challenge is about hours on the bike, you will not be cycling a certain distance.- Enter a team of any size (up to 10 people).- Or get in touch as an individual if you wish to join a team.- Each team is asked to raise £500. Take on this challenge and raise money for Starfish to help children affected by HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. The Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international developmental charity whose goals are to empower communities in southern Africa, and to deliver professional and sustainable services to children affected by poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.For more information visit our Starfish homepage:

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Thumbs down to Timpson in Wimbledon !

Thumbs down to TIMPSON of Wimbledon !  Do not bother spending money on a lifetime battery guarantee in here.  I did, on 23.10.2009 at 13.12 hrs for a watch I treasure, I paid the extra and was promised I would never have to pay for another watch battery at that shop.  I was given a printed receipt stating, “Lifetime battery”.   Made tatty and fragile over the years, I have nonetheless retained my receipt.  Yesterday was the first day I needed to avail myself of my “lifetime battery”.  The young lad in the shop told me that I should have been given a card, the receipt I had been supplied with wasn’t enough.  I explained that was all I was given.  He told me twice that I couldn’t have purchased the original battery at that shop.  He was reassured by myself and my partner who was with me on the day of purchase, that I had.  He insisted that I had not, and told me that the till receipts they issued looked different than that I was showing him.  I told him yes, perhaps they’d changed them over the years.  He waved his badge at me and told me he’d been there since 2006 and it was not from them (which it was), and that I would have to pay another £17+ for another “lifetime battery”.  After many years of being loyal to that particular Timpson, neither of us will ever enter it again.  I do not wish to have it implied by a youngster that I am lying about where I purchased a battery, nor do I wish to hand that same shop yet more money for the same service that I had purchased and which had been guaranteed years earlier. So, thumbs down Timpson.  Customer care today, dreadful, it's put us off for good !  Be warned, all.

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Donate Blood in Wimbledon

Save a Life for Your New Year’s ResolutionPeople from Wimbledon are being asked to consider saving a life or three for their New Year’s resolution by giving blood in 2013.As the festive cheer leaves us and people ponder how to make the New Year better than the last, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is challenging people to spare an hour of their time to donate blood.The New Year’s resolution message comes at a time when there a need to recruit new donors after a dramatic decline in the number of younger donors signing up in 2012. NHSBT aims to recruit 100,000 new donors in 100 days to counteract this drop and protect future blood stocks. With blood donation sessions available for people to book an appointment throughout 2013, it is important that people from Wimbledon help to maintain stocks as hospital demand for blood remains high at the start of the year.  John Canning NHSBT’s lead donor relations manager for the South East said: “New Year’s resolutions have become a bit cliché over the past few years as people always set themselves up for big challenges they are unable to complete. Our challenge is a simple one plus we can guarantee donors a warm welcome, a hot cup of tea and a biscuit to help boost their sense of achievement not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping sick and injured people in local hospitals with each and every donation they make.” For those keen to take up the challenge, they can do so at one of the following donor sessions:Upcoming local sessions:Wimbledon, Sacred Heart PresbyteryEdge Hill Wimbledon SW19 4LUMonday 14th January17:00 - 20:00Thursday 17th January17:00 - 20:00 Raynes Park, Dundonald Church 577 Kingston Road Raynes Park SW20 8SATuesday 8th January14:00 - 16:30 & 17:30 - 20:00Anyone aged between 17-65, weighing more than 50 kg (7 stone 12lbs) and in general good health could potentially start saving lives by becoming a blood donor. There is no upper age limit for donors who have donated in the last two years.For more information or to book an appointment, call 0300 123 23 23 or visit

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New Brass Band forming in SW15

Dear Musicians and Budding Musicians,We're starting up a new, traditional British Brass Band in SW15, which will be led by professional musicians and will be accessible for people of all ages and musical experience (or none!)We plan to rehearse in Putney on Wednesday evenings. Coaching can be provided for learner and progressing players and we have a stock of instruments too.We are certainly looking also to recruit experienced players to form the core of the band and we're seeking people who used to play (doesn't matter how many years ago) and who could be tempted to make a musical comeback :-)We aim to build our band into a valuable community resource, capable of supporting local churches, schools and other organisations, and available to assist at Civic events etc.If we can be permitted to blow our own trumpet for a minute (excuse the pun), we've helped establish new community bands like this in other parts of the capital and it continues to be a wonderful experience for all involved. Our new Putney Band would be part of our wider brass banding network and players would be able to join in Massed Bands central events with approx 100 musicians from the rest of our London network.If a bit more background on brass banding is needed, we play cornets (trumpet), flugelhorn, tenor horns, baritone horns, trombones, euphoniums, tubas (basses) and percussion (inc drum kit). If you already play another instrument, the transition to brass can be achieved quite fast with some help and guidance.If you are interested, or if you know someone who might be, please take a look at our website at or send me an email on or call me on 020.8366.0657 to discuss further.Thanks for reading and please help us bring the inspiring sound of brass banding to the streets of SW15.MartynMartyn Stogden BA (Hons) Music & LitDirector - NLB Brass Band NetworkFour Hills

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The Paralympic Torch comes to Wimbledon

• Sainsbury’s Wimbledon customers will have the chance to see the Paralympic Torch on Thursday 18th October between 9:30am and 11:30am • On the day, customers were able to hold and take photos of the Torch• The Torch is now on a special 400 Sainsbury’s store tour, from Monday 24th September to Thursday 1st NovemberFollowing the success of the London 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay, Sainsbury’s Wimbledon customers will have the chance to see the Paralympic Torch as it goes on a special tour across the UK. The Sainsbury’s Paralympic Torch Experience will see the Paralympic Torch travel to 400 Sainsbury’s stores across the country.  The Torch’s epic journey will begin at Sainsbury’s Bradford Upon-Avon and ends at the retailer’s Lampeter store on Thursday 1st November.The Torch is one of 620 Torches used in the 24 hour Relay which took place from Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury, the home of the Paralympic Movement, to the Olympic Park in Stratford, London on Tuesday 28th to Wednesday 29th August. 101 stores from other areas across the country previously saw the Torch ahead of and during the Games and now the retailer, and first ever Paralympic Games-only sponsor, is extending it to the rest of the country.   The Torch will be at the store between 9:30am and 11:30am. Sainsbury’s is the first ever sole sponsor of the Paralympic Games, which took place from 29th August to 9th September, and the only retailer which gave people across the UK the chance to see the Torch.  Sainsbury’s Wimbledon Store Manager Denis Young added: “We’ve really enjoyed playing our part in raising awareness of the London 2012 Paralympic Games in Wimbledon. For our customers, it’s a once in a lifetime chance for them to see the Torch and feel the buzz of the Paralympic Games, which we’re proud to have sponsored.”

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Donate food at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon and help fight food poverty in the UK this October.

Sainsbury’s taking part in the second-annual ‘Million Meal Appeal’ on 6th and 7th October in partnership with FareShare Sainsbury’s Wimbledon colleagues are encouraging residents to help tackle food poverty this October by taking part in a nationwide food-drive run by Sainsbury’s and FareShare, the national charity tackling hunger across the UK. The second annual Million Meal Appeal takes place on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October and will benefit more than 700 charities and projects across the UK.Last year’s ‘Million Meal Appeal’, which took place on Saturday 26th November, was a huge success and involved 600 Sainsbury’s stores including Wimbledon. Thanks to customers’ generosity, together with Sainsbury’s pledge to match donations, FareShare could deliver food for over 1.2 million meals to 700 charities and community projects it supports. Wimbledon residents’ contribution was significant, with enough food collected at the retailer’s Sainsbury’s Wimbledon to provide 2000 meals to charities across the UK .This year’s appeal will see over 900 stores involved in the two-day food-drive to help 720 charities and community projects which FareShare supports. Customers will again be able to choose to donate an item from the Million Meal Appeal shopping list which consists of long-life products including tinned goods, dried pasta, pasta sauce, rice, tea and instant coffee. The items are purchased as normal and then placed in the collection box after checkout. Customers shopping on Sainsbury’s Online can also choose to make a £1 donation between 3rd and 9th October.Sainsbury’s Community Affairs Manager Andy White said: “We had such an overwhelming response from our customers to last year’s initiative and we’re excited to be working with FareShare on the second ‘Million Meal Appeal’.  The total of 1.2 million meals donated in 2011 would be enough to feed a sold-out London Olympic stadium 15 times! We hope from this year’s campaign that we can further raise the awareness of food poverty in the UK and support those charities and projects that need our help”.Assisting in the food drive will be local volunteers who are currently being recruited by FareShare. Potential volunteers are encouraged to visit with their family and friends to register. Participants will be able to choose their preferred Sainsbury’s store to volunteer at and have the choice of a morning or afternoon shift.  Lindsay Boswell, CEO, FareShare, added: “The Million Meal Appeal has come at a crucial time. Around 5.8 million people live in deep poverty in the UK, meaning they struggle to afford everyday essentials like food. I hope many Sainsbury’s Wimbledon customers can support the Appeal and help us to provide even more food to the charities and community projects we support across the country”.

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Sainsbury’s Wimbledon supports Wimbledon Jubilee celebrations

• Sainsbury’s Wimbledon donated 75 pounds worth of gift vouchers and 270 pounds worth of Jubilee Family Festival Tickets to St Lawrence Church’s street party in Morden park, local charities- Foodbank Day Out and Wimbledon Guild’s Jubilee Tea Party and to NCT wiggle and giggle jubilee disco. • Sainsbury’s colleagues have attended to support the events on the day.• Jubilee celebrations took place across the country between Saturday 2nd and Tuesday 5th June.Colleagues at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon have made a royal gesture to support local celebrations. The NCT Wiggle & Giggle Jubilee Disco has been taking place in Wimbledon Sacred Heart Church with 70 of Wimbledon and Wandsworth mums with their children. They arranged the special party to mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign. To support this once-in-a-lifetime event, Sainsbury’s Wimbledon has donated 75 pounds of gift vouchers to support the celebrations. The donation was made from the store’s Local Donations’ budget.  Sainsbury’s Wimbledon Store Manager Denis Young said: “The Jubilee celebrations promise to be a fantastic occasion for our customers and we wanted to help make this historic event a memorable occasion for all. I am sure that all our customers will have a great time celebrating 60 years of the Queen’s reign”.Sainsbury’s supported a number of events over the Jubilee weekend, including Sainsbury’s Jubilee Family Festival in Hyde Park on the 2nd and 3rd June and the Thames Riverboat Pageant, where two boats have carried Sainsbury’s guests and colleagues. The retailer was also the lead corporate sponsor for the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods Project, which aims to plant six million native British trees to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. ‘The Jubilee Family Festival Presented by Sainsbury’s’ has taken place in Hyde Park, on Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June 2012 and has been a once in a lifetime experience for the whole family to enjoy.  Visitors treated to some of the nation’s best live music and entertainment including an unforgettable 70 minute Disney Concert produced specially to mark the Jubilee celebrations.  The Festival had capacity for 50,000 ticket holders on each day and world famous promoter Harvey Goldsmith CBE, has organised the Festival on behalf of Sainsbury’s.  

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Customers at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon ( Worple road) stores help to donate 603 Kilos of food

An innovative food donation drive at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon saw customers donate enough food to provide 603 kilos of food to people suffering from food poverty. Sainsbury’s and Wimbledon Foodbank teamed up to hold the first ever food donation drive at the store, situated in Worple road.  The collection, known as the ‘Help feed local people in crisis’, took place on Saturday 26th May 2012. The aim of the initiative was to collect enough food to provide a minimum of three days non-perishable emergency food to people in crisis. Thanks to the generosity of customers at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon, a massive 603 kilos of food were donated locally. Food is given to people in crisis identified by front line care professionals – Health Visitors, Doctors, Social Workers, Church and Community Workers.For Sainsbury's, corporate responsibility means many things. It is about providing our customers with the widest choice of quality food, at fair prices. But also about paying our suppliers a fair price and providing the reassurance of knowing that they have a buyer for their products on reasonable terms. It means enriching our communities through employment and career development opportunities, while growing our business profitably for our shareholders. And it means making the most effective use of our valuable resources like water and electricity, and respecting the local environment.In 2010-11 Foodbanks fed 5,857 people and in 2011-12 the figure is 14,642.Food is also given to underpin the work of care centres for the Homeless and Women’s Refuges, and charities who feed people sleeping on the streets.The foodbank is an initiative of The Trussell Trust, a Christian based organisation, committed to launching life changing, community-based projects. The Trussell Trust partners with local churches and communities to launch foodbanks in their towns. Foodbanks signpost clients to other agencies able to help resolve the underlying cause of the crisis. A client struggling with debt would be referred to CAB or Christians against Poverty who specialise in resolving debt problems.

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Help feed local people in crisis!

Visit Sainsbury’s Wimbledon(worple road), on Saturday, May 26th from 10am to 4pm and you’ll find Wimbledon foodbank collecting all kinds of non-perishable food from the public to feed local people in crisis. Supermarket collections are one of the main ways that the foodbank is stocked and with the foodbank busier than ever The Trussell Trust is asking people to give generously. “The current economic climate means more and more people are struggling to put food on the table, so we really need local citizens to give what they can to help” says Revd. Marcus Bennett, Wimbledon foodbank manager. “It’s not just people on low incomes who are feeling the pinch at the moment, increased redundancy and fewer jobs are having a real impact on local people and we’re seeing more people turning to the foodbank for help.” Wimbledon foodbank launched last November and has fed over 417 people and given away 4 tonnes of food, of which 700 kilos was in April alone. The single biggest reason that people are referred to food bank is benefit delay (29%) followed by low income (19%). Other reasons include delayed wages, domestic violence, sickness, debt. All those who receive emergency food are referred by frontline professionals such as doctors, social workers and Citizens Advice Bureau. The foodbank aims to help people through short term crisis by providing emergency food parcels. Wimbledon foodbank centre also provides support and signposting to help combat the long term problem.Thank you to Sainsbury’s Wimbledon and Zipcar who partner with us to make the food collection work! 

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sainsburys charity of the year last few days

The search is on….Sainsbury’s Merton is on the lookout for a new Local Charity Partner • Sainsbury’s Local Charity Partner scheme is back for its fourth year• Merton customers can vote in-store for their favourite local charity between 9th and 23rd May• The winning charity will be announced in June and will receive a year’s worth of fundraising and support from the store’s colleagues and customersLocal charities in Colliers Wood are in with a chance of receiving a year’s worth of fundraising support thanks to Sainsbury’s Merton. The retailer’s Local Charity Partner scheme is now in it’s forth year and colleagues at the store, situated in Merton High Street, are looking for a local charity who they can provide help and support to from 20th June. Sainsbury’s Merton is asking customers and colleagues to put forward the names of charities based in Colliers Wood that are important to them. From 9th to 23rd May, customers can vote for their favourite local charity. To vote, customers simply fill out a form and pop it into the store’s Local Charity Partner voting box, situated at the front of the store.A shortlist of nominations will be drawn up after the closing date and the store’s colleagues will then invite the three charities that they feel best fit the needs of the community into store to talk about how Sainsbury’s can support them. The store will then choose a charity to partner with for the next 12 months.Last year, the store’s Local Charity Partner was Mitcham Peter and Paul Scouts and Guides group. During a year’s worth of fundraising, colleagues managed to raise over £500. Following the partnership, the store will continue to provide support to the charity, including in store collections, donations, store grant.Last year, Sainsbury’s stores and their customers helped more than 1000 charities and organisations across the UK through fundraising and volunteering and gave more than £1.5million of support to local communities.Sainsbury’s Merton’s Store Manager Dave Curness said: “Our last charity partnership with Mitcham Peter and Paul Scout and Guides Group proved a great success and we’re looking forward to continuing to support them. Our customers now have a fantastic opportunity to help us support another local charity which is close to many people’s hearts, so we hope they can help us in our search for your Local Charity Partner for 2012/2013’. -Ends-Notes to editors• Sainsbury’s local charity partner initiative is now in it’s forth year, having begun in May 2009.• Sainsbury’s stores are at the very heart of the communities they serve. It is not only important to provide great service and quality products, it’s also vital to make a positive difference to communities and to be a good neighbour.• This begins with the positive economic impact Sainsbury’s stores have in generating local wealth, by providing employment, using local suppliers and contractors, and regenerating local surroundings.Last year Sainsbury’s stores and their customers helped more than 1000 charities and organisations across the UK through fundraising and volunteering and gave more than £1.5 million of support to local communities

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Ball/street hockey (children and adult beginners programme)

West London Ball Hockey Club presents this exiting new sport to the local community of Ealing.  "something different"  "Important:  We play with trainers not roller blades"We have just moved into this new facility  "Elthorne Sports Centre. Westlea Road, off Boston Road, Hanwell W7 2AD".This sport is hugely famous in Canada, Czech and Slovak. Our Values are; Respect, Sportsmanship, Considering others, Affordable, Family friendly, Fun.  These values resonate in our both, children's and adult beginners programmes.We are affiliated with UK Dek (Ball) hockey association. & International street/ball hockey association. "One of our Aim is to Celebrates multiculturalism by introducing children (boys/girls age 5-14 year) and adults (male/female) to this fast & active sport which is good for fitness and health.Our Children programme costs £16 per-child for the whole term(9weeks)or £3 per-session.  New term starts on the 21st of April 2012 from 09:45am - 10:45am, Saturday mornings. Equipment provided.  Coaching followed by a game. End of term prizes awarded.Our adult 14years+ beginners programme is for male & female.  It costs £5 per-person and £3 for students and unemployed.  We play every second Monday 08:00pm-9:30pm.  Equipment provided. Coaching followed by a game.To learn more about our aims, prizes for the children, and how do we ensure safe and fun environment for children and adults.Please contact: Nicky Rae on 07906 638 612 (for children's programme), OREmail: for further details (you can also request e-brochure).Website:

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LIVE DEBATE TONIGHT on same sex marriage in CHISWICK...

Dear all!Please mark and reserve an important date for your diaries!On Monday 30th April 2012 at Gunnersbury Baptist Church in Chiswick, there will be an exciting and relevant, free public debate on the subject of the Governments recent proposals to redefine marriage to incorporate same-sex couples.Two top-class speakers with differing opinions will discuss this very important topic.1) Adrian Trett is Chair of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) + Liberal Democrats since the Coalition Government was formed, and the author of the original motion on Equal Marriage in the UK for Liberal Democrat Conference in 2010. His campaigning group has been working with our Liberal Democrat Ministers, in particular Lynne Featherstone MP to enable this issue to be brought on to the Government's agenda, now with the public consultation and hopefully for legislation to be passed by 2015 to enable equal marriage in the UK.2) Rev. David Robertson is the Pastor of St. Peters Free Church in Dundee. He is the Author of 'The Dawkins Letters' and regular conference speaker and debater for the Evangelical Christian Church. There will be a chance, during this debate for questions from the audience.Doors will open at 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. Entrance to this debate is absolutely free although early arrival is recommended.Watch out for the formal publicity - fliers and posters!I hope you will support this important event,Many thanks,Laurence TruettDebate Coordinator07807003553

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Ball/street hockey (children and adult beginners programme)

West London Ball Hockey Club presents this exiting new sport to the local community of Ealing.  "something different"  "Important:  We play with trainers not roller blades"We have just moved into this new facility  "Elthorne Sports Centre. Westlea Road, off Boston Road, Hanwell W7 2AD".This sport is hugely famous in Canada, Czech and Slovak. Our Values are; Respect, Sportsmanship, Considering others, Affordable, Family friendly, Fun.  These values resonate in our both, children's and adult beginners programmes.We are affiliated with UK Dek (Ball) hockey association. & International street/ball hockey association. "One of our Aim is to Celebrates multiculturalism by introducing children (boys/girls age 5-14 year) and adults (male/female) to this fast & active sport which is good for fitness and health.Our Children programme costs £16 per-child for the whole term(9weeks)or £3 per-session.  New term starts on the 21st of April 2012 from 09:45am - 10:45am, Saturday mornings. Equipment provided.  Coaching followed by a game. End of term prizes awarded.Our adult beginners programme is for male & female.  It costs £5 per-person and £3 for students and unemployed.  We play every second Monday.  Next session is on Monday the 16th of April 08:30pm-10pm.  From May its going to be 8pm-9:30pm. Equipment provided. Coaching followed by a game.To learn more about our aims, prizes for the children, and how do we ensure safe and fun environment for children and adults.Please contact: Nicky Rae on 07906 638 612 (for children's programme), OREmail: for further details (you can also request e-brochure).Website:

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Colleagues at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon go the extra mile in their fundraising for Sport Relief

• Colleagues at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon take part in fundraising for Sport Relief• The store will be holding Pool tournament, Dart tournament, Football match, Cake sell, Wear sports shirt day and event like run a mile• Photographers are invited to attend the fundraiser at 11:30 to 2:30 on 23rd and 24th March • Rico Nuarin from the Wimbledon will also be running with Sainsbury’s Justin King, as part of the chief executive’s challenge to run 32 miles across the country in just four days• Customers can make donations via purchasing Sport Relief merchandise, in-store collection buckets, colleague fundraising activities or taking part in the Wimbledon Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile on the 25th March• Sainsbury’s Wimbledon is going the extra mile in their fundraising for Sport Relief this year! On 23rd, 24th and 25th, colleagues at the store, situated in worple road, Wimbledon, will be raising funds for this year’s campaign by Pool tournament, Dart tournament, Football match, Cake sell, Wear sports shirt day and run a mileRico Nuarin a commercial team leader at the Sainsbury’s Wimbledon will literally be going the extra mile for Sport Relief by running with Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Justin King. Rico Nuarin was nominated by colleagues to take part in Justin’s Sport Relief Mile Challenge, which will see the supermarket boss run 32 miles across the country from 14th to 17th March. One colleague from every Sainsbury’s store will get to run with Justin, meaning over 1,000 colleagues will have run with Justin by the end of the four-day challenge. Justin King said: “I’m really looking forward to running in Richmond Park for my Sport Relief Mile Challenge and to meeting Rico Nuarin. Our colleagues really do go the extra mile for Sport Relief so it will be a pleasure to run with them. In 2010, our customers and colleagues from Sainsbury’s Wimbledon helped us raise a massive £5.4 million for Sport Relief and with the great fundraising activities many of our stores already have planned, we’re hoping to go the extra mile to try and beat that target this year”.

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Colleagues at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon ready to go the extra mile for Sport Relief

10th March 2012·        The official Sport Relief 2012 merchandise is now on sale at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon·        Customers can now support Sport Relief by purchasing this year’s range of in-store merchandise·        Customers can also choose to make donations via in-store collection buckets, colleague fundraising activities and take part in the Wimbledon Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile on the 25th March Sport Relief is back and Sainsbury’s Wimbledon are ready to go the extra mile in their fundraising for this year’s campaign! As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives. Fundraising has already begun at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon with the release of exclusive Sport Relief merchandise and will culminate in an action packed Sport Relief Weekend from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th March.This year’s Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile takes place in London on Sunday 25th March and Sainsbury’s Wimbledon colleagues, customers and Wimbledon residents are already entering at individual already signed up and preparing to take part in the mile is Rico Nuarin, a commercial team leader colleague from Sainsbury’s Wimbledon. He said: “The sign-up process was really easy and I’m already limbering up to take part! I’m going to be doing the 1 mile event. It’ll be my 1st time I’ve taken part in the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile and I’m really looking forward to getting sponsored to take part and raising funds for a vital cause.”Customers at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon and Wimbledon residents taking part in the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile can choose to do either 1, 3 or 6 miles by entering at It’s just £6 for adults, £3 for children and £15 for a family of four.

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Once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the Paralympic Flame thanks to Sainsbury’s Wimbledon

Customers at Sainsbury’s Wimbledon have their final opportunity to nominate teams or individuals to be a part of the London 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay.The Sainsbury Wimbledon, situated in worple road launched it’s public nomination campaign on Wednesday 11th January. It’s the last of three campaigns run by the London 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay Presenting Partners. The final campaign, involving Sainsbury’s stores across the country, will give customers the chance to nominate a team or individual from their local community who they feel has inspired them.Sebastian Coe, Chair of LOCOG, said: “All around the UK there are teams or individuals that embody the Paralympic values and make a difference to thelives of others. The London 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay aims to recognise the contribution of some of these amazing people.“The Sainsbury’s nomination process is the final of the three campaigns run by our Paralympic Torch Relay Presenting Partners so if there is a team or individual in Wimbledon that you feel deserves recognition for their contribution, then I would encourage you to nominate them”.Sainsbury’s Wimbledon customers can nominate individuals or teams by picking up a leaflet in-store (which is freepost), calling the helpline on 01299 382 074 or visiting Nominations close on Tuesday 14th February.

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